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As women, we always seem to be juggling a number of demands from work, family and children, and as a result we end up feeling totally exhausted, stressed and seem to put ourselves last all the time.

Do you feel like that too?

You might start the year with good intention and set New Year’s Resolutions, but then life gets in the way, and you progressively give into other people’s demands and their dreams. You feel like there is a hole inside of you, as you’re just barely existing through life.

You want to start over and fill it with the life that YOU love moment by moment.

Look, I’ve seen this pattern in so many women, myself included and that’s why I created this 6 week online course for you called CREATE because at the end of the course, you will be clear on what you want, and how to get it without sacrificing anything or anyone.

So before I do that, let me share with you my own personal journey, so that you know you’re in safe hands.

Back in October 2014, I was two weeks out from running my 1st marathon and it was discovered I had 8 lesions on the brain. As a result I was numb down the right hand side of my body unable to feel my foot. I received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. As you can imagine, my whole life as I knew it was turned upside down.

To cut a long story short, 9 months later I ran a marathon and returned to my neurologist who told me ‘most of the lesions had completely disappeared.’ This was through no medical intervention whatsoever.

Many people asked me how I did it…….

I realised I was living a life that didn’t excite me all of the time and through many years of stress on my body, it started to breakdown. I was given a wake up call and radically changed EVERYTHING that wasn’t working in my life.

The main thing I changed was my mind-body connection and through this process I was able to change my internal energy, starting to create and live a life I was passionate about.

I’ve distilled this process down into three key steps that I’ve included in this ‘CREATE’ program.

I am SUPER passionate about the mind-body connection, the ability to heal yourself from the inside out, and create anything your heart desires. It’s my wish for you that you use the tools I share with you so you too start to live your life to its fullest potential. 

What will I get?

This program will help you …..

  • Get clear on who you want to be
  • Create a vision for your life that you’re passionate about
  • Live a life of fulfilment, joy, gratitude, health & abundance
  • Stay on track through the ‘ups and downs’ of life

You will learn how to do all of this without sacrificing anything or anyone.

So say goodbye to life where you constantly feel unhealthy, unhappy, stressed, worried, tired and burnt out and together let’s discover the New You, creating a life that you’re so passionate about moment by moment that you feel so fulfilled and grateful that you’re alive.

Course Outline

Week 1 – Identity

Who do you want to be …. Why you want it ….. What will you give up

Week 2 – Why aren’t you there yet?

Understand your story, its payoffs and smash through your limiting beliefs and everything that is holding you back

Week 3 – Mental Rehearsal

What is it? Make it a daily practice

Week 4 – Act As If

Daily practice to build momentum and stay on track

Week 5 – Up Level Your Normal

Steps to remain conscious throughout the day. 

Week 6 – Next Steps

What’s next for you? How to build momentum and stop slipping back

If you’re thinking you’re not where you want to be then something has to change.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” Albert Einstein

So, let me help you make the change, let’s do this together and create the life that you’re passionate about.

Ready to make a change and CREATE the life you’ve always dreamt of.

Let’s make it a reality.


RRP – $297 USD ….. NOW $97 USD (This includes 1 hr of coaching)

I look forward to working with you to CREATE the life you’ve always wanted. 

Sue xo