Welcome to the course content for “CREATE” Program.

Each week I will upload the weeks content – a combination of audios, videos and/or worksheets. So just click on the links below.

Week 1

This week there are 5 videos to watch and a worksheet to accompany the video series. Click on the video links to watch the videos. You can find the  worksheet before the videos:-

1a – Set A Clear Intention

1b – What If I Don’t Know What I Want?

1c – Why do you want it?

1d – What will it give me?

1e – Identity 

 Download your worksheet here 

Week 2 

After you’re clear on what you want to create, and you’ve set a clear intention, it’s now time to start to rehearse this event over and over again in your mind. It’s time to make it a reality. 

Mental Rehearsal Audio

Listen to this meditation and create your intention into reality. Click here to listen. 


Week 3

 OK so you’ve set a clear intention and you visualise it daily. Then throughout the day your mind and actions pull you in another direction. In the worksheet below we look into the reasons why this is. Download your worksheet here.

Week 4

Now you have a clear intention of what you want, you know why you want it and you’ve been mentally rehearsing the scene every morning and evening, it’s time to ‘act as if’ you’ve already achieved it throughout the day. Watch the video below and download the worksheet here to find out more. 

Week 5

The next step is to ‘up level your normal’. Watch the video below and download the worksheet here to find out more. 

Week 6

Congratulations, now you’ve practised all the steps needed to bring your creation alive.

What are the next steps …. I hear you ask. ‘Rinse and repeat’ – keep following the steps daily to bring your creation into life.  

Watch the video below for more info.