Who Do You Want To Be?

6 Week Online Course

Are you someone who ….

  • Has dreams and goals that never happen
  • Bounces from one thing to the next looking for ‘the answer’
  • Has health and life challenges that progressively get worse
  • Feels anxious, stressed, overwhelmed or depressed
  • Is ready to make changes in your life NOW

Many people have asked me how I was able to go from a life ‘living with an incurable disease (MS) to living a life full of vitality’ with no signs or symptoms. They wanted to know the specific steps I took, and if it would work for them to.

That’s why I created this program, so you would have the steps to take to repeatedly be able to CREATE anything in your life you wanted and that was aligned for you.

This program will help you …..

  • Get clear on who you want to be
  • Create a vision for your life that you’re passionate about
  • Live a life of fulfilment, joy, gratitude, health & abundance
  • Stay on track through the ‘ups and downs’ of life

Course Outline

Week 1 – Identity

Who do you want to be …. Why you want it ….. What will you give up

Week 2 – Why aren’t you there yet?

Understand your story, its payoffs and smash through your limiting beliefs 

Week 3 – Mental Rehearsal

What is it? Make it a daily practice

Week 4 – Act As If

Daily practice to build momentum and stay on track

Week 5 – Up Level Your Normal

Steps to remain conscious throughout the day.

Week 6 – Next Steps

What’s next for you? How to build momentum and stop slipping back