My Grandma always used to say this saying to me ‘Count your blessings’. It’s so relevant for us to remember on a daily basis, moment by moment, as it’s so easy these days to get caught up in a busy life ….. the ‘to do list’ – containing the must dos, the should dos, the could dos  …. thinking about past events, thinking about future events …. instead of remembering that we live in the present, and to be grateful for everything in our lives NOW … today.

I was reminded to ‘count my blessings’ after this morning’s morning walk. Today I went to a different beach and it all unfolding in the most beautiful way. After the walk I was at the tap about to wash the sand off my feet, and I got talking to an elderly gentleman, who was showering after his swim. It turned out he served in the Vietnam War for 6 month, and before the age of 21 he had lost the sight of one eye, his hearing as well as losing 2 of his best friends who were shot dead in combat either side of him. First thing every morning he remembers his best friends and then lives a simple life, grateful to be alive appreciating every moment. He must have been 70+ and still swims every day in the ocean and runs along the beach.

WOW ….. thank you …. what an inspiration …. and it made me reflect on the past 45 mins of my beach walk, how I had moments of appreciation and gratitude of the amazing beautiful day, scenery and the life I had created having moved to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Then I slipped right back into focussing on an ‘event’ that happened yesterday that I was wanting a different outcome too ….. and looking at ways to improve it, my backache …. and just other small dramas. Really I was just going round in circles, going over and over the event in my head, looking at it from all angles. The truth of the matter was … .the event had happened …. leave it in the past …. move on ….. live in the NOW …. that’s where the beauty and magic is.

Sometimes things happen in our lives, chance encounters, that if we’re prepared to look for the gift in it and get out of own way, the magic happens.

“Look upon every experience you’ve ever had, and everyone who’s ever played any role in your life,

as having been sent to you for your benefit” Wayne Dyer

So I share this story with you, that no matter WHAT you feel you’re going through in your life right now, that there is a GIFT, ‘silver lining’, bigger purpose in everything and it’s ALL meant to be.

Everything is ALWAYS perfect the way it is. So I challenge you TODAY and everyday, to remember to count your blessings, be grateful to be alive as it’s truly a GIFT, a present to be treasured.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo