When you’re faced with making a decision, do you just decide the next action to take, or do you stall, ‘sit on the face’ and put off making a decision? Well it depends on the situation, you might answer.

However T Harv Eker once said ‘How you do something is how you do everything!’.

It’s been said over and over again, that entrepreneurs and other successful people make decisions quickly, weighing up all the information if they need to, and then decide usually by following their ‘gut’ feeling, act and then back themselves with the decision they made.

The ironic thing about stalling, ‘sitting on the fence’ and putting off making a decision until you have all the facts, external approval, etc, is that you’re actually choosing to make a decision by your inaction.

If you look deeper into the reason behind not making a decision, it’s usually fear based ….. fear of making a mistake, getting it wrong and everything not working out.

However how you view things is all perception. If you think and feel that it will be impossible, hard, you will fail etc etc, then that is what will stop you from taking action. If on the other hand, you saw every ‘choice point’ as having nothing to lose and everything to gain, an opportunity to learn and grow, with the belief that to change your world you have to change how you think about it, you will be empowered to be more decisive knowing that you can handle anything.

Remember you always have a choice about how you feel moment by moment, either fearful of the outcome OR fearless, knowing that whatever happens you will be able to handle it when it arises.

I’ll be honest this is something I’m continually practising. Sometimes I’ve very decisive and other times I have to be very mindful to NOT listen to my fearful chatterbox inside my head and instead make a decision and take action regardless, moving forward step by step and build momentum.

In Stewart Emery’s book, Actualisations, he states that a plane is off course 90 percent of the journey, and has to continually course correct. WOW imagine that, and the planes are still able to arrive at their destination. If we truly take this concept on-board ourselves, I’m sure we wouldn’t be as hard on ourselves, knowing that a decision is just moving forward from your ‘choice point’. If on that chosen path, it no longer feels right then you can ‘course correct’. How freeing is this, knowing that there are no mistakes. The key here is knowing the signs that tell you, you need to alter your course. The main ones are feeling confusion and dissatisfied.

So next time you have a decision to make :-

  1. Believe that you can handle anything
  2. Understand that every decision is an opportunity to learn and grow – there are no mistakes
  3. Understand the options and what they entail
  4. Trust and follow your intuition as your heart and soul always know what’s best for you
  5. Decide and take action
  6. Tune in to how you feel on that chosen path
  7. Know that you can continually ‘course correct’ until you reach your destination

So start to live life more, practise taking fear out of the equation and become more decisive in your life knowing that you can ‘course correct’ and as a result will always be learning and growing.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It …Do It!

Sue xo