Are you 100% aware of what you’re thinking moment by moment? Its an interesting question isn’t it. I’m becoming more and more aware of the actual impact my thoughts have and if they’re serving me or not?

Thoughts have a direct impact on how you’re feeling and the action you take as a result. For instance, have you noticed that when you’re feeling happy you feel light, joyful and things seem to flow in your life. On the flip said if you’re telling yourself a story …. that you can’t do something, it’s hard, you hate yourself, you’re not going to get a certain job, partner, house or whatever else in your life … you tend to ‘attract’ more doom and gloom in your life.

The Experiments

Dr Massaru Emoto demonstrated that human beings can affect the shape and molecular structure of water just through conscious intention. As well showing images of water molecules from the Fujiwara Dam, before and after they had been blessed by a monk, he also demonstrated the impact of labelling bottles of distilled water with thoughts.

Some bottles featured positive thoughts, while others featured negative thoughts. The bottles were then frozen and the crystals that formed inside were photographed. The water from the bottles that were labeled with positive messages had intricate structures and the ones labeled with negative thoughts had deformed, collapsed structures with black holes and yellow tinged edges.

If thoughts can do that to water, and our bodies are made up of 95% water, then we must surely ask what is the direct effect our thoughts are having on our bodies and our immune systems.

By using Kinesiology muscle testing, a student was asked to hold their arm out to the side and to resist the second person pushing down on their arm. The student was able to hold their arm out strongly and resist the person from pushing down on their arm. Next, the student was asked to repeat the following words to themselves ten times ‘I am weak and unworthy.’ whilst holding their arm out straight with the aim, as before, to resist the other person pushing down on their arm. The other person was able to push down on their arm easily. When they were asked to repeat the following words to themselves ten times ‘I am strong and worthy.’ the person was unable to push down on the persons arm. Interesting isn’t it.

So I offer you a challenge for the next 24 hours. Become aware of every thought you think about yourself, others, your situation and your environment as well as what you actually say in conversation to others. Is it serving you or not? Awareness is the first step to change anything.

“Consider being like a mirror, and reflect what comes into your life without judgement or opinions.” Wayne Dyer

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo