There are lessons in life everywhere, if you just look for them. Today I had a flashback to when I was building up my running fitness, and to build up my strength and stamina I often challenged myself with hill running.

On one of the hills I was digging in, head down focussed on getting to the top.

As I passed a couple of people they said

‘That looks hard’ ….. No not at all, I replied.

‘That looks hot’ …… No not at all I replied.

Here’s the thing. Truth is it was at the end of my run and I was tired, if I listened to my little critic in my head I would have stopped, if I listened to the people and taken it on board, I would have stopped, however I was committed to my plan and finishing the run. I was so happy when I did.

On reflection it made me realise that sometimes when you’re excited about an idea, goal or dream and you share them with your family and friends, you’re sometimes not met by the same level of enthusiasm.

Instead they say….

– Well how’s that going to work

– You’re going to do what…. really

You start to feel squashed, ‘Where’s the love and support?’ you ask yourself.

If your belief in your idea, goal and dream isn’t that strong it’s quite easy to be swayed by the ‘well meaning’ opinions of others.

One thing you have to remember is that when you grow and expand, sometimes it’s scary for the people around you. They love you, sure, and in the same breath they want what they feel is good for you, and that’s usually within their own comfort zone.

That’s ok, you just have to accept that they’re on a different journey to you and you might choose not to share so much of your future plans with them, maybe you need to find a new group of friends who ‘get you’ and can support you to achieve your goals.

If you feel compelled to be something, do something and have something then go for it, follow your heart and your intuition. Stay strong,
focussed and stop listening to the naysayers ….


And remember

Wish It … Dream It …. Do It

Sue xo