I feel one of the biggest things in life to really embrace, is to take full responsibility for your thoughts, actions and how you feel. Just imagine, for example, that you’ve had a disagreement with your partner, family member or co-worker. ¬†Things are said in the heat of the moment that if you really thought about it with a clear head and heart, you probably wouldn’t have become emotional which results in you acting a certain way or saying things that you later regret. The disagreement seems to spiral quickly downwards, as each party is ‘triggered’ by each other and energy sparks are flying.

By becoming aware of yourself, as if you are an observer who’s watching you, you become completely ‘detached’ from the situation as you are literally just observing the event, and how you are acting.

You can then tune into your body, by just becoming aware of it. A simple act of just looking at your hands and turning them over to look at your palms, will help you move from your head back into your body.

Then you can quickly scan your body to see how it feels. Is there any tightness or constriction anywhere? Is this feeling aligned with who you truly are, or is a ‘learned’ response after being ‘triggered’ by someone else e.g. you feel angry, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, fearful or anxious.

If it’s an emotion that’s not supporting you, it’s time to let it go and think, feel and take action that is more aligned with who you truly are at your core.

Ask yourself

What would ‘love’ do?

What would greatness do?

Take another deep breath and choose to come from that space.

Take responsibility for who you are being, and in the same breath you will give others the space to do the same.

This takes practice to catch yourself in the moment when you subconsciously are running a memorised pattern and choose a new course of action. However it’s worth it, and will also put less strain and stress on your body.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo