Studies have shown that when we complain, even for the slightest little thing, our brain literally rewires itself for more negativity. You’ve probably heard someone complain about something, which makes them feel emotional – angry, frustrated, sad etc. Then they seem to be in constant downward spiral of feeling bad, complaining again, feeling bad, complaining, etc.

Do you know someone like this? Maybe you know that person really personally? It’s time to STOP.

3 Types Of Complainers

  1. Venters – People not interested in solutions
  2. Sympathy Seekers – People who believe their problems are worse than everyone else’s, and seek comfort
  3. Chronic Complainers – People who live in a constant state of complaining

How to recover from complaining …..

  1. Become aware – Catch yourself ‘in the act of complaining’
  2. STOP
  3. Choose something to be grateful for in the moment
  4. Reframe your ‘problem’ to an ‘opportunity’ to grow
  5. Repeat

I challenge you to go 21 days straight without verbalising or thinking of a complaint or judgement. Be gently on yourself, become aware of your language, and others, have fun with the process, and bring more gratitude in your life.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It

Sue xo