Most people’s lives today seem to be getting busier and busier … with demands from work, kids, family, friends, health and finances … and that’s before you even get to your own ‘To Do List’!!!! No wonder so many people’s health are suffering as they are destined for burnout, at the rate their lives are going.

‘For things to change, you have to change’ Jim Rohn

Wise words indeed by Jim Rohn, but ‘Where do I start?’ I hear you say. The simplest yet sometimes hardest place to start when your life seems chaotic and you feel 100% overwhelmed is to ‘close your open loops’.

Think of your life like a computer, and with every email you view on your computer or phone and don’t action immediately, every item on your ‘should do’ list in your mind or on paper, every demand from work, family, friends, financial stress or any other stress in your life, it’s like you’ve opened up another program/tab on your computer screen and you jump from one thing to the next as you go about your day. If you kept opening up more programs on your computer, it would in time slow your computer down and probably stop working altogether. Our bodies are no different.

How to Close Your Open Loops

  1. Write everything down that you have going on in all area of your life – work, kids, family, friends, home, finance etc
  2. Include all the stresses you feel around these items that are on the list
  3. When you look through your list write down the outcome you want by completing the task. How will you feel?
  4. Use the ‘Do – Delegate – Delete’ technique
  5. Do or Delegate – Determine if you REALLY NEED to do it, or can someone else do it.
  6. Delete – Is the outcome aligned with your values, or are you just wanting to ‘fit in’ or do it for someone else.
  7. Allocate time everyday and create the habit of ‘Do – Delegate – Delete’

If you have a big project to tackle then break it down in bite size chunks. E.g. If you feel overwhelmed by the size of your Inbox, then allocate 30 minutes a day to start ‘Do – Delegate – Delete’ and it’s amazing how much ‘lighter’ you will feel.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo