Blessed by this amazing sunrise on this morning’s beach run, it got me thinking how amazing nature is, and it can really teach us some amazing lessons if we only stop and pay attention to Mother Nature.

You see it’s a full moon today… and I don’t want to get all WOO WOO on you, however it’s a known practice and a perfect time to ‘let go of stuff in your life that no longer serves you’…..



Whether it’s

– a relationship

– a job

– stuff around the house you no longer need

– negative emotions you feel – guilt, shame, not feeling good enough, fear, stuck……..

– gossiping, judgement

– Whatever it is for you that no longer feels rigt, and has an ‘icky energy’ around it, this is a perfect time to choose to let it go

Give yourself and your life a mini ‘spring clean’

And then what are you choosing instead?

– Who do you choose to be?

– What do you choose to do?

– What do you choose to have?

Write it all done, set your intention, draw a line in the sand, no longer look back and live your life in the past. Get excited with your future you’re creating and take daily baby steps to get there, living your life in the ‘now’ – the present moment.