Have you ever achieved great things in your life and feel you’ve nailed it, and then other areas in your life that no matter how many times you set New Years Goals and really WANT it…. it never seems to happen?

I’m sure you can relate to this, I know I can. As many times I’ve ‘learnt’ this lesson and still fall into old patterns UNTIL I realised it’s never about the goal, it’s what’s behind the goal that counts.

So here’s the thing ….. let’s look at the example of wanting a new car, a new relationship, paid off your debts, improved health, go on holiday, have the latest ‘gizmo’ or whatever. Instead of focussing on ‘the thing’, turn it on its head and instead look within….

Ask yourself WHY you want it in the first place? Then ask again WHY do you want ‘that’? I call this the reason behind the reason. You see it’s NEVER about the ‘thing’. You might actually discover it was never your goal in the first place, It might be that someone else thought it would be good for you to do, so it becomes a ‘should’ for you, and you feel resistance around it, and then it never happens because you don’t value it and it’s not a priority for you.


It might shed some light on the true reason behind the original goal.

Then ask yourself ‘What will I FEEL …… when I have the new car, have the new relationship, paid off my debts, improved my health, have a holiday, the latest ‘gizmo’ or whatever your goal is. The FEELING you want as a result of already having and achieving the goal is the key.

Sometimes when people ‘achieve’ their goal, they still feel ’empty’ because they thought that achieving ‘XYZ’ would make them FEEL a certain way. However the beauty is that we can already CHOSSE that feeling NOW. We get to choose, we are in control of our emotions. An external ‘thing’ can never provide a long lasting emotion inside of us. Only we can do that, and we can choose that feeling now.

Write it all down, the feelings you’re wanting to have. Then the key is to FEEL those emotions on a daily basis. Whether you wrote down freedom, love, grateful, happiness, joy, abundance, safe, secure…… whatever it is for you. Check in with yourself on a daily basis and find examples in your day that make you FEEL these emotions.

You see as humans we tend to overcomplicate it. However it’s really simple. The ANSWER is always within and it always starts with the feeling and thought.

LIKE always attracts LIKE. So if you’re feeling happy and grateful… you will attract more things in your life to feel happy and grateful about. The same is true if your predominant thoughts are sadness and lack, you will just attract more of that in your life. It ALWAYS comes down to a choice.

Its a powerful beautiful thing really, because the next step is quite simple. As ‘like attracts like’ always, so as a result energetically opportunities are drawn to you. All you DO is take aligned DAILY action to move forward towards your goal.

That’s it period. Keep it really simple.

Using myself as an example when I had a goal of running a marathon, the feeling behind that for me, was joy, happiness, invincible, success, unlimited, freedom ….. the excitement of being at my fitness, to overcome health challenges, working and understanding my body and beating the odds stacked against me.

So everyday I went about my day, and during my training so excited about my progress knowing that every kilometre I ran, every hill I climbed and sprint session I did around the athletic track in the cold and rain I was ‘showing up’ and moving closer to achieving my goal.

So now it’s over to you. What do you  wish for and dream about? What’s your goal? And if you put yourself in the position of already achieving that goal what would you feel? Then take daily action to move you closer to achieving that goal.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo