Most people these days when they’re driving to a new destination they key in the address on Google Maps or another GPS device. We know where we’re starting from, and by keying in the destination, the software then finds the best route for us. But what about your own goals, what GPS system are you using for that?

It’s very easy to look externally for the answers to our life. However by doing this we are forgetting the biggest gift we’ve been given – our intuition and our own very unique internal guidance system. Remember it’s an inside job.

Think about it, I’m sure there have been times in your life, where you didn’t know the answer for something …. you asked friends, work colleagues, family members for advice. You studied, researched and tried different things. Then you surrendered, you became quiet and listened to that voice inside of you, your gut feeling, intuition …. and then it all made sense …. THAT was the answer to your solution, and you toke action on that. Sound familiar…..

Which brings us back to ‘Where are you heading?’ …. Whether it is a new direction in life, your purpose, a new goal, you have to be clear in your mind AND your heart. If you’re not 100% clear you will just drift through life and be at the whim of other peoples dreams and goals. Remember this is YOUR life and you are the lead character in it.

So find some quiet time just for you, Become still, meditate, journal, take a walk in nature … .whatever works for you, to enable you to detach from your ‘busy’ life, allowing you to start to listen and tap into your intuition, your inner compass and Higher Self.

Listen to the messages, this is YOUR truth, the right path for you, no one else because you are unique and have great talents to share with the world.

Once you have your intention, your goal, your vision, ask yourself how you will feel when you achieve this. Will you feel happy, grateful, relieved, abundance, freedom.

“The thought sends the signal out and the feeling draws the event back to you” Dr Joe Dispenza

For example when I set the intention to complete the Gold Coast Marathon, I imagined how I would feel when I crossed the finish line – happy, grateful, relieved, successful, triumphant, whole and free. I then re-lived this scene in my mind throughout the day.

Give it a go. Become your own social experiment in your own life and have fun with it. Setting a clear intention is step 1 in the CREATE program, where you get to create ANYTHING your heart desires. Click here for more information.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo