Moment by moment, are you choosing to listen and follow the voices of your internal chatterbox or your intuition? I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I have many voices in my head ….. sometimes it’s pretty noisy in there with their many different personalities. How about you?

Through experience, if I give attention to the voices in my head that are based around emotions of ‘fear, doubt, anger, anxiousness, judgement, sadness, depression and guilt’ I quickly spiral down into the next unsupportive feeling and the next and the next. Can you relate to this? Sometimes without consciously being aware of what’s going on. I just know I don’t feel good.

On the flip side though, I’m sure there are many times in your life that you feel in flow, as if you’re effortlessly swimming downstream. It’s almost like you are being guided by your ‘higher self’ and inner knowing that everything is working out in its own perfect way and within perfect time. With this flow, you feel a sense of oneness, peace, calm, grateful, joy, passion, inspiration and are present in the moment. Every emotion is energy and some are at a higher frequency than others.

“Change your energy, change your life! ” Dr Joe Dispenza

So the trick is, and believe me it is a constant practice, to tune in to your body and your feelings. When you feel a bit ‘out of whack’, ask yourself how you’re feeling. Close your eyes and really tune in to yourself. What’s behind that feeling? Sometimes you might know immediately, otherwise let whatever ideas pop up into your mind. What’s the truth in the situation, because sometimes we’re blinded by our own perception of the situation and the story we tell ourselves. What is the ‘payoff’ for feeling this way? Is this feeling serving you right now? It’s always good to acknowledge and be aware of where you are before you decide to change.

Remember, you and only you are in control of your emotions and how you’re choosing to feel moment by moment.

So bring the best into your life, be kind to yourself and become the best version of yourself moment by moment.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo