You’ve set a very clear intention for yourself … .a dream, a goal, something that you’re so passionate about achieving. You’ve set your destination, you’re in the driving seat, you know where you’re heading. And then  …..

  • a road bump
  • a fork in the road
  • an obstacle ahead

In reality – something happens in your life or somebody says something and bang you get emotional. You feel fearful, sad, angry, upset, stressed, guilty, anxious etc etc, and you’re off track. Before you know it you’re heading in another direction, you feel you’re no longer in control of the bus heading towards your dream/goal etc. In fact it almost feels like another one of your personalities has taken over. Can you relate to this?

The thing to remember is that events will ALWAYS happen in our lives, but it’s the MEANING we put on it that will either make us or break us.

So what do you do in this situation if you feel that you’ve been pulled off track, or one of your ‘personalities’ is in the driving seat and has taken over the steering wheel of your life.

  • Become aware of what’s actually going on
  • Check in with how you feel
  • Ask yourself ‘Are my actions and how I feel,right now, supporting and helping me move forward towards my outcome/intention?’
  • If you answered ‘Yes’, that’s great
  • If you answered ‘No’ you have a choice. In that moment to CHOOSE a different emotion and then take aligned action in that moment that will move you forward

To watch a 5 minute talk I gave on this topic, click here

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It

Sue xo