Have you ever been in a situation where you’re ‘bursting at the seams’, so enthusiastic, happy and in love with your life, that your energy is contagious. So much so that others around you feel your positive vibe, and like a ripple effect in water, their mood instantly improves too.

The same happens in reverse doesn’t it, when you feel ‘down’, stressed or you’re around other people who are this way, sometimes if you’re not aware of how to ‘reset’ your own emotions you can be swept away with the wave of other people’s emotions and before long, your emotions downward spiral too.

Today I had a direct experience of this on such a deep level. you see a ‘street’ cat had kind of ‘adopted’ us ….. When she first started coming around our house, she was very anxious, in survival mode, on the look out for food from all the neighbours. It was as if she’d been abandoned and forgotten. With the intense Queensland heat over the last few weeks, we started to leave water and some food outside for her …. and showing her some love.

To cut a long story short today was the day, to find out who ‘owned’ her. Was she desexed and micro chipped? After asking a number of neighbours and finding a few answers, we went to the vet to see if she was microchipped to get in touch with the owner that way.

We kept the car journey down to 10 minutes to the vet, however that was still enough to traumatise her. Sitting in a pet carrier, meowing and panting all the way there, balanced on my lap in the front seat, as my husband drove. Even though I was talking to her, to calm her down, when we arrived at the vet, she had already peed in the container and was highly stressed. We found out that she was microchipped and the owner has been contacted. It was time for the trip back ….. this time she pooped. The trip was anxious and traumatic for all three of us. The cat had no idea where she was going and in a very strange environment. My husband and I wanted to do the right thing and find her ‘owner’. We were also so tuned into her feelings, trauma and anxiety for the trip that it was starting to be a bit of a ripple effect.

So what did I do to ‘reverse’ these feelings. I breathed deeply, focussed on my heart and tuned into the energy of my heart, and expanded it out …. touching everyone in the car. The meowing stopped… and I started to feel less stressed too.

When we arrived back at our house, she was a bit unsettled for an hour, and then she acted as if she’d ‘shaken it off’ ….. as if nothing had happened, and things were back to ‘normal’. In contrast people tend to ‘hold onto’ the emotions of certain situations and their past. Instead you can choose to let it go ….. learn from the situation and move back into the present moment and LIVE from that place moment by moment.

The reason I’m sharing this story with you, is because events will ALWAYS happen in our lives and we can ALWAYS choose whether we get ‘triggered’ by these events. We always have the freedom to choose how we feel. If this feeling doesn’t ‘feel’ right in our bodies, we can always choose again.

Keep choosing what’s best for you …. moment by moment. Only YOU know what that is for you. Keep tuning in, keep choosing YOU.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It …. Do It!

Sue xo