We can learn a lot from nature, if we only take the time to stop, take a breath, look and listen.

I sowed some lettuce seeds recently, and I felt like a little kid, looking at the earth everyday, waiting for something to happen. Wondering if I had ‘green fingers’ or if the seeds I had sown wouldn’t flourish in the environment they were in. The days went into weeks, watering them regularly and still nothing. It was starting to test my patience, and because I couldn’t see anything yet, I thought it wasn’t working.

As if by magic, weeks later, green shoots started to appear above the earth. I was so excited. Each day I would see if they had grown some more. Apparently the lettuces were supposed to be fully developed in 8 weeks. Hmm mine weren’t. What happened? What was wrong?

Then the heavy rains came. I hadn’t factored in, how hot it was in Queensland, so although I had been regularly watering the lettuces, they needed much more water. After a few days of solid rain, the lettuces had a growth spurt and have been thriving ever since.

Using this story as a metaphor for life, you can draw a lot of ‘A-HA’ moments from it. How often have you had a ‘seed’ of an idea, that you want to nuture, and grow but you feel it’s ‘not there yet’? It’s as if you want to dig up the seed in the ground, to see if it has grown any roots yet. You have to trust and be patient.

When it does start to grow, you need to have it in an environment that will enable it to flourish. Your plant needs water and sunlight. Your ‘seed of an idea’ is no different and also needs you to be in a thriving environment. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your dreams rather than ‘dream stealers’. Be aware of your thoughts, and on a daily basis ‘weed out’ your unsupportive thoughts, beliefs and values that are holding you back and replace them with thoughts, beliefs and values that will help to bring your idea into life.

I believe in you and your dreams. The very fact that you have been gifted the seed of an idea is a good thing. It’s now time for you to nurture and nourish it into creation.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo