As the clocks tick on to April, it always seems like the perfect time to take a breath, to review the last 3 months and to reset for the next 3 months.

These days I find it a lot easier to set clear intentions and goals in three monthly chunks. Yes it’s great to have an overall vision and a direction for the year and then to practically break it down into bite size 3 monthly chunks.

When you look back at your own vision, intentions and goals in all areas of your life over the past 3 months, how did you go? Did you smash it, exceeding your expectations, or did you fall short? Either way whatever happened, happened …. you can’t change it, as it’s now in the past. If you met and/or exceeded your goals, awesome it’s time to celebrate. If not then it’s time to review, be aware of the results you did achieve and reset for the next 3 months. Ask yourself the following questions:-

  1. How much time, effort and focus did I put into achieving my intention?
  2. Did I lose sight of my intention/goal along the way?
  3. If yes, why? … Did I put more importance on other people’s goals, family and friends needs before my intention/goal? Did I allow ‘life’ to just take over?
  4. What could I have done differently on a daily basis?

Become aware of what worked, what didn’t and how you can improve next time. When you look at your original goals and intentions, are they still relevant now 3 months on, OR as you’ve evolved as a person, are they no longer relevant. Be really honest with yourself, set your new 3 monthly intentions from the heart, ones that excite you that give you joy every time you think of them.

With that new intention you’ve set, ask yourself WHY you actually want to achieve it? Paint a scene with your mind’s eye of that vision and revisit it daily. Feel the joy and excitement of already achieving that vision NOW. Then take daily action, small consistent aligned steps that move you closer to that vision.

And remember

Wish It … Dream It … Do It!

Sue xo